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How much is the Condo fee? The fee is $55 per month with each owner responsible for their own water and electric fees to the utility companies. Sewer is included in the monthly condo fee.

Is Cable TV included in the Condo fee? No members are responsible for furnishing their own cable TV service.

Does the park have WiFi? Yes there is a park supplied WiFi internet for normal usage. Streaming TV and movies would be too much for our bandwidth.

Are there any sites or campers to rent? The By-Laws do not allow renting sites or campers.

Can we live at the park year round? Yes but right now only the D bath house has water in the winter and stays open. The other bath houses are closed. It can get extremely cold on the Cumberland plateau so extra precautions are need to keep water pipes from freezing. The office and the laundry mat stay open year round also.

If we buy 2 adjoining lots will we have 2 Condo fees? It depends; there are some combined lots grandfathered in and only pay 1 condo fee. If you buy 2 separate lots that are not already combined then you will have 2 Condo fees.

Are sheds allowed? Yes, one 80 sq ft shed (8x10) is allowed. Larger Sheds can be allowed per ARC rules. Approval is required first for any size shed.

Are we allowed to add porches and room additions? Yes if they meet the requirements of the Architectural Committees Regulations and Rules and are approved by the committee.

Is there trash service? There are dumpsters located next to the pavilion for household trash. There is a nearby county landfill for large/heavy material.

Are mobile homes allowed? No, only units designated designated as a "RV"  (Recreational Vehicles)and be under 400 sq. feet are allowed. Lofts in park models do not count in the square footage. Many people add on porches and screen rooms to increase their living space.

Are pets allowed? Yes pets allowed. Here are the rules from the POA's Rules & Regulations document that all owners must abide by: Only customary household pets are allowed. Pets will remain in the camper or if outside must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. No pets are to be tied outside an RV unless the owner is present, or unless the owner is outside with the pet. No pets are allowed on the beach, in the bathhouses or any recreation area unless they are carried or in a pet carrier. Under no circumstances are pets to run loose or to soil anyone’s property but your own. Pet owners are to clean up any waste products and dispose of properly. Nuisances such as excessive dog barking that interferes with the peaceful enjoyment of one’s property will not be allowed.


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